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This animated video helped Mindforge increase awareness and drive app downloads.

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Mindforge delivers just-in-time safety information and training directly to front-line construction workers via a mobile app. Because workers weren’t familiar with Mindforge, and there wasn’t a great way to communicate with the entire field workforce, workers were ignoring notifications to download the app. They came to us for a video to help increase awareness and, ultimately, drive app downloads.


Working with Hotbed, it was identified that a simple, quick motion graphic introduction video could be the ticket needed to connect the workers to the app, while quickly explaining what benefits it offers. So we engaged that fun, uncomplicated part of our brains to simultaneously distill Mindforge’s message and create playful visuals that could speak to any level of the pipeline.

Mindforge’s clients can now connect with their many layers of employees through something that’s short, inviting, and fun - exactly the opposite of what any worker thinks when they hear “training videos.”

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