Mars Petcare

Showing the bond between pets and their people
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Getting to “the why”

Mars Petcare, a leading pet food provider, needed a video that captured the essence of its brand without using boilerplate language like “science-backed nutrition” and “therapeutic health products.” They were looking for an internal piece that elicits the brand’s essence to motivate employees and their key partners. They knew they wanted something that communicated the real emotions pet owners feel for their pets but didn’t know how to move forward from there.

Grab customers by the heart

We gave them a few different ideas, and eventually landed on the direction above: using the voices of individual pet owners to capture the why behind the Mars Petcare brand. We designed questions that prompted natural, authentic responses from pet owners, allowing them to share their stories without needing a voiceover or on-screen text.

Even though the final video doesn’t cover the portfolio of Mars Petcare products and services, it speaks directly to the reason they exist in the first place. Pets make a better world for us, so Mars makes a better world for pets.