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The Client Challenge

Cheetah Digital is a SaaS customer engagement platform that allows marketers to deliver personalized experiences for customers. As the company set off on a global tour to meet clients and potential clients, they wanted a way to virtually bring their employees along and show the dedicated and passionate team behind their software.

How do you make digital feel friendly?

How do you make digital feel friendly? How do you show potential clients that there are people dedicated to their success behind the applications? To answer these questions, we developed a simple video plan that allowed Cheetah Digital employees to speak firsthand about their passion for the business. But no matter how excited people are about what they do, being on camera can still be a challenge. So we used a mirror system that allowed employees to talk directly to the audience without feeling intimidated about staring into the lens.

With this method, we lost the stiffness and the put-on polish, allowing people to be fully themselves. We added additional warmth by leaving in authentic moments before and after each person spoke.