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Training 30,000 Ohio Police Officers using Cinematic 360 experiences

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In our latest initiative with the State of Ohio, we faced formidable challenges in training about 30,000 officers across the state. These officers are frequently thrust into life-and-death situations and must navigate complex interactions with individuals in varied mental states. The intensity and unpredictability of these scenarios make them nearly impossible to understand fully without direct experience. Traditional training methods, including standard videos, often fell short, as they struggled to captivate officers whose attention is critical yet difficult to maintain. Moreover, the need for hyper-realistic simulations was paramount; police officers, with their acute awareness and skepticism of inauthentic scenarios, demanded training that mirrored the nuances of real-world encounters. Collaborating closely with the state, we developed a solution that engaged them effectively and mirrored the complexities they face daily.


At Hotbed, we set out to revolutionize police training in Ohio by introducing immersive cinematic 360 experiences that blur the line between film and reality. We crafted each scenario with meticulous attention to detail, utilizing high-quality props, wardrobe, and set designs that you’d typically see on a movie set. Given the immersive nature of 360-degree video, we expertly navigated the challenges of ensuring that no crew members were visible, fostering an environment that resembles a live theater performance more than a conventional film. One notable scenario required us to conduct a live-action shooting simulation in a school, necessitating the temporary closure of the facility to ensure a controlled and realistic setting. The training modules were crafted as uninterrupted, 10-minute sequences, offering a continuous flow of action akin to watching a live play. This innovative approach led us to produce what amounted to a 90-minute movie in less than six weeks. Due to the sensitive nature of the content, these training films are not available for public viewing on our website, ensuring the privacy and tailored focus essential for effective law enforcement training.

At Hotbed, we overcame the challenge of authentically training 30,000 Ohio police officers by creating immersive, cinematic experiences that replicate the intense and unpredictable nature of real-world policing, ensuring their readiness for any situation without stepping into the actual field.

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