two broken production models

& our solution

Director Roster

The director roster model relies solely on directors to secure jobs, functioning more as facilitators than creators.

'We Do It All'

The traditional “we do it all” video agency can be limiting. When a single director handles every project, creativity becomes confined to the company payroll, potentially compromising quality.

The Sweet Spot

At Hotbed, we seamlessly blend the specialized expertise of the roster model with the strategic depth of a top-tier agency.

As your partner, we carefully curate skilled directors, ensuring a dynamic approach to each project. Our commitment to excellence is underscored by our own unique perspective as award-winning filmmakers.

ok cool, but

what sets us apart?

Results Driven

Navigating video production costs and ROI tracking can be a real puzzle. But here’s the good news: our in-depth process reveals the impact of our work through solid data, putting an end to any uncertainty on your end.

Picture this — a customized roadmap that weaves through planning, execution, and continuous refinement, all for the success and growth of your business.

Creativity for all

Hotbed offers total production support, seamlessly navigating from solution ideation through post-production. Alternatively, we specialize in stepping in to handle specific aspects of your production process, ensuring flexibility and efficiency to suit your unique needs.

what about our


Many say they are storytellers,

Few can back it up

20 years

of strategic creativity

Video is more than a placeholder

Together, let’s make a catalyst to drive brand growth